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Monday, April 13, 2020   /   by Johnnie Morine


April 13, 2020
Steps to Define Your Destiny
DALLAS, TX: Johnnie Morine, Dallas real estate mogul has announced the release of his new book titled MASTERING YOUR SPECIAL.   The book highlights the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. that he discovered to help achieve financial and personal success, while explaining how overcoming struggles can create indomitable personality traits that can lead to a fulfilling and gratifying life.
Brief Synopsis of Masterminds
Author and coach, Johnnie Morine, wants to help you claim your inner you. In a dream, Johnnie Morine asked himself, why does selling homes come so easy for him. “Why am I special?” He also asked himself, how can he help other agents be more successful? The acronym SPECIAL was crafted within the dream that Johnnie calls “a set of genuine disciplines”. The sales approach was well-defined from Swag/Self-image, Persona ...

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Friday, August 9, 2019   /   by Johnnie Morine

Real Estate Mastermind

Tommy Jones and Nicki Ferrell have created an amazing Real Estate Mastermind concept. It was an honor being a panelist and sharing a fraction of my lifetime in business. Sharing the stage with giant real estate companies like Keller Williams, eXp and JP & Associates, completed my thoughts that we’re recognized as a viable, alternative brokerage and The Morine Group is on the right track.

This mastermind topic was “How technology is destroying our business”. Reality, technology changes every business so we must change with the times. If your production is adversely impacted because you think technology companies are absorbing your business, you must make some adjustments.

If you were completing 15 plus transactions a year in a traditional brokerage, with a split, you should consider the new flat fee brokerages in order to net more of the money you’ve worked hard for while representing your clients. If your number of transactions decline, your net revenu ...

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Thursday, May 30, 2019   /   by Johnnie Morine

New Real Estate Trainer at The Morine Group, REALTORS

Derek is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer.  Through experience and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods, Derek works with individuals, teams, and organizations, aiding in personal, professional and organizational growth.
Derek’s professional background consists of military service, ministry leadership, customer service management, real estate sales, and leadership training and development. 
Derek is a member of and the current president of ARBOR Toastmasters club. 
Derek is currently attending Dallas Baptist University and will complete his master’s degree in professional counseling in the summer of 2019.
Derek is committed and dedicated to helping individuals and organizations to establish the necessary disciplines and thinking patterns that go hand-in-hand with success. 
Contact Information:

http ...

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